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Frequenty Asked Questions

How much does cosmetic tattooing cost?
The price varies depending upon the procedure.

Is the procedure painful?
Methods of controlling discomfort during permanent cosmetic application have improved over time.  Over-the-counter topicals used during application make the procedures very tolerable.  Many clients feel vibrations, while others feel nothing at all.  Most clients will come for one procedure and eventually have others.

How long does a permanent cosmetic application last?
The pigment of cosmetic tattoos heals into the skin and does not wash off.  It is considered permanent.  However, ultra-violet exposure from sun or tanning booths, aftercare, and skin treatments all may affect its permanence.  Protection from the sun will greatly prolong its longevity.  Fading does occur requiring periodic maintenance to keep cosmetic tattoos fresh. The darker the color, the longer it will last.