Permanent Cosmetics Cosmetic Tattoo

A cosmetic tattoo is a procedure that implants pigments into the skin by adding color. It defines or enhances eyebrows, eyelash lines and lip shapes by using specialized colors and techniques. It's also referred to as permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, or makeup tattoo. At Permanent Cosmetics, we specialize in eyebrow tattooing, lip tattooing, and eyeliner tattooing.

Permanent Cosmetics procedures are invaluable to those who...

  • Desire freedom from applying make-up
  • Want to look beautiful and maximize their best features.
  • Lead active lifestyles
  • Have poor eyesight or are physically unable to apply make-up effectively.
  • Have allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Unsteady or arthritic hands limited dexterity.
  • Wish to correct asymmetrical facial features.
  • Difficulty with make-up application.
  • Thin lips or lips with little to no color.
  • Sparse or light eye lashes

Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing 

  • Go to sleep beautiful wakeup beautiful!
  • Convenience, saves time.
  • Defines your features and shows expression.
  • Corrects uneven facial symmetry such as uneven lips or eyebrows
  • Cuts back on the cost of buying cosmetics
  • Shapes and Corrects eyebrow hair loss for men and women.

Clients who make a personal choice to have a Permanent Cosmetic procedure, tend to see and feel a substantial difference in their daily lives. Cosmetic Tattooing helps build confidence and a greater sense of well being and self-worth.

We service clients throughout western-central Wisconsin and eastern-central Minnesota including the communities of New Richmond, Hudson, Woodbury and Stillwater.

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